Places that a proud tourist should visit in Granada


I would like to write about some  spots in Granada that you should not miss.  It is said that the best way to get to know the city is  taking part in a collective tour with a guide  , but if standard guided tours are not your cup of tea here you are some tips to get the most of your vacation and  enjoy a  self -guided tour  so you can explore the city at your own pace.

Let’s start by visiting some charming viewpoints so we can notice how the city offers a spectacular mix of landscapes and colours.

The first one is ” Mirador de Almanzora ”  it is very close to the city center and I would say it is a great place for professional photographers or amateurs who will appreciate the  beautiful views.


The second  on the list is ” Placeta o Mirador de Carvajales ” in  the Albaicín Neighbourhood.



“Carmen de la Victoria” deserves to be the third one , a perfect place to have a little break  which owes its charm to its relaxing atmosphere.

Carmen de la Victoria 2

carmen de la victoria 3

Carmen de la Victoria

The next one and the most popular is ” Mirador de San Nicolás ” which is famous for its lively atmosphere and  breathtaking views of the Alhambra .




Once you are in this impressive viewpoint you will be glad to visit the Mosque where you can  find a beautiful patio with lovely views.


The lookout of San Cristóbal should be on the list , it is less crowded and the views are well worth the visit.

san cristobal vistas

Another nice spot you can not miss during your stay  is ” La Silla del Moro ” you will enjoy a fantastic walk to reach this popular place.







I also should mention ” San Miguel Alto ” , a place you will be happy to discover.

DSCN0289 (2)

DSCN0298 (2)


Last but not least I would like to add to this brief list a walk through the famous Sacromonte neighborhood.


Sacromonteando 2

sacromonteando 3

sacromonteando 4

sacromonteando 5

sacromonteando 6

You can walk everywhere in Granada  so I am pleased to invite you to discover places that will awaken your senses.


senses 2