More than one day in Granada

Granada is a city  that boasts a great reputation among tourists.  Every day I can see a lot of people discovering the city so I have just decided to write a post about places people should visit during their stay.

para portada

Firstly I would like to speak about the importance of choosing a hotel that is well located  so you can walk or catch the bus without any problems.

Wasting time moving from one place to another  is one of the things that can spoil your good time . In Granada you can avoid it if you choose the right accommodation.


In Granada there are many hotels that are very well located, here you are some suggestions : Room mate Leo , Hotel Maciá Monasterio de los Basilios and the famous Hotel Carmen , a hotel which I also recommend for families.

Once you have chosen the right accommodation it is really important to organise well your leisure activities .


Granada offers a wide range of leisure activities so if you are not going to stay more than three days you should organise your time wisely .


Your  first visit  will be to the city centre , you will love the cultural contrast ,  the Alcaicería, a small Moroccan souk,  is mixed with shops, the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel .


There are three quarters that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in the city : The Albaicín , Sacromonte and Realejo. Granada is a mixture of cultures,  tourists always have a great time visiting  these neighborhoods.




The cultural visit to the Alhambra will take you quite some time, so it is convenient to do it in the morning and during the afternoon you can plan some relaxing activities.  After an intense visit to the Alhambra, a visit to the Arab baths and trying a delicious tea will make your day a great one .


The Arab baths are a very special place so I recommend booking the tickets for the  night shift.


You can not leave  Granada without discovering the beautiful region of the ” Alpujarra”. A visit to this region will make you realise  that there are a lot of places of interest you can not miss.


Granada and its surroundings are waiting for those restless tourists who want to discover amazing landscapes and  a rich  gastronomy .







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