Tourism trends


Travelling is more than a bussines , people nowadays are more aware of the benefits of traveling around ther world . A single journey can change your life in a way you cannot imagine.

It is amazing to investigate about the amount of money that tourism can generate , something which is considered to be a positive effect although most of the money from tourism goes out of the area.

This is a political issue which we can analyse by a good example. Tourism and football are supposed to be a great combination but the issue that the money that is gained does not go to  the poorest areas is becoming even more obvious.

The last world cup was celebrated in Brazil , a country in which football is like a religion for Brazilians for this reason everybody thought that the country was the perfect place to host this important competition , but nothing could be further from the truth.

I found reports, interviews, videos on youtube and I was surprised to see a lot of Brazilians claiming that they don’t want their country to celebrate the world cup .


Generally tourism  is considered  as something positive . The tourism industry is becoming even more popular because it  can produce a lot of money and a wide range of jobs. This  might be good for the country although only stationary but there may also be  negative aspects.



Tourist go home. Algunos vecinos de Ciutat Vella han diseñado unas camisetas muy originales.

El objetivo es reivindicar que están hartos de la masificación turística y de la proliferación de hoteles y apartamentos.

Informa @jotalosa. Fotografía: Cris Izquierdo

Stationarity has always played a very important role in the tourism industry thus the most visited destinations have to offer a broad range of possibilities if they want to fidelize tourists. The positive aspects of being a famous tourism destination are being quiestioned by residents, tourist and the media.

Thanks to the new technologies we can have a lot of information , we can study and learn about the sector and the benefits it generates , this is the main reason why we are experiencing changes.

There is a controversial issue about travelling , which is that nowadays everyone can easily find  websites  or blogs and  get a lot of tips to organise  trips  so  become an indepent traveller.

Travellers remain the most marginalised group in society.  According to the industry’s point of view a traveller doesn’t generate money,  it  is the tourist the person who spend money on expensive hotels, restaurants and so on .

Standar travelling is just an activity which is practiced by middle and upper middle class population and is used as a statement to  affirm their wealth.  There is no doubt about the importance of the tourism industry although there are a lot of possitive effects of travelling that we are taking for granted.

The marketing process is usually focused on the tourist and not  the traveler thus the traveler  feels that he is not a part of the travel industry . He looks for information on the web and he knows what he needs . He travels on a budget and he enjoys all the real positive effects of travelling.

Tourists enjoy taking part in the travel industry  and  they are looking forward to their holidays, the traveler on the other hand  feels more atached to non touristique destinations.

This is the main difference between the tourist and the traveler,  People may now see  why the tourists are becoming feed up with travel trends and tourist attractions generated  by the travel industry in order to capture people’s attention.

The situation is even worst if we spend a little time trying to find new tendencies . As I said before tourism and football are a common combination but there are more outrageous tendencies .

Orphanage tourism in Cambodia, Vietnam or Nepal is a new topic to discuss even though it is an old major problem , we can speak about sexual tourism in Thailand, Holand, Czech Republic, Brasil or Cuba.







There is a new trend called Slum tourism for tourists who don’t want to see real poverty. they just want to experience living in poverty , but they will be staying at a luxury resort just to avoid being uncomfortable.


The marketing strategy is based on creating a catchy slogan . A slogan that offers an improved experience for people who are looking for something new  in a overcrowded market.

An overcrowded market is a problem for the tourism sector so proffesionals are facing a great challenge, they are in a dilema between moral and bussines.

The tourism industry has always played an important role in the global economy. As  new technologies are being  developed new tendencies and needs are created  not all of which are positive altough they generate a lot of money.

The independent traveler and the constant tourist are generating a debate  which from my point of view is unneccessary.  It is not important if we consider ourselves tourists or travelers , what we should notice is that a positive activity can easily become  negative .

The travel industry can generate wealth  and travelling is an excellent form of education . Everyone should have the chance to travel and learn from other cultures, but there are a lot people who are not happy with the development of these travel tendencies.

There is no doubt about the economical benefits of tourism but we need to think twice about if the money that the industry is generating is well spent.

And  last but not least we should try to stop these bad tourism practises that are becoming popular in order to maintain responsible tourism.





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