Halal Tourism conference

The halal tourism market is becoming more and more important, Muslim travellers are spending more time and money on travelling.

There is nothing new about the importance of the halal tourism market, we all know that Muslim people travel and spend money on restaurants, hotels, visiting monuments and so on.

Football and hiking are activities that Muslim people like too but there are special needs that the professionals might know.

Becoming a halal friendly destination is not an easy task, it could become easier if the tourism sector promote and explain the real needs of Muslim travellers.

Eating properly and having a place where they can pray are aspects that should be taken into account to become a halal friendly destination.

Hotels who want to deal with Muslim people have to offer a proper room for preparation for prayer; they are commanded to pray so it is a must for them to find an accommodation where they can feel comfortable while following their religion.


As this is the tourism sector: every client is different and has special needs that professionals  try to fulfil. Muslim people shouldn’t be treated as a different kind of client.

Now the sector is more aware of the importance of encouraging customer loyalty, for that reason professionals  ought to offer a wide range of possibilities and they have to be prepare to deal with Muslim travellers. They can play an important role in development of tourism in future.

The tourism industry is getting bigger and it is one of the sectors that is recovering more easily from the latest global economic crisis.

In Spain , the tourism industry is becoming even more important thanks to the good times that the sector is enjoying but it is necessary  to encourage customer loyalty.

Spain is a great destination which offers a lot of possibilities for the tourist , the halal market is attractive for Spanish companies , the Muslim traveller is a person who  wants quality , respect and a good service.

if the aim of the sector is to attract Muslim tourists professionals have to learn how to deal with this kind of traveller as well as hotels and restaurants need to get ready to fulfill the needs of the halal tourism.

Hotel infrastructure and providing a wide range of quality halal products are the most important aspects for Muslim travellers who want to come to Spain to enjoy their holiday.

The halal market is a large market that can provide benefits for the Spanish tourist sector , there is no doubt about it , for this reason Granada , a city where the tourist sector plays a very vital role for economy is hosting the first conference about Halal tourism in Spain .

The halal tourism conference will take place from the 22nd to 23rd September 2014 at the Granada Conference and Exhibition Centre, the objective of this event is to aim to equip delegates with market intelligence, industry forecasts and trends to understand how to market to the lucrative Muslim consumer and benefit commercially.

The two day event hopes to attract tourism boards, tour agencies, tour operators, restaurants, media, hotels and airlines. The event will also feature seminars from industry experts, workshops, networking sessions and an exhibition.

Granada enjoys a cultural and historical Arabic heritage , hosting the first conference about Halal tourism in Spain is a way to learn how to make the most of this heritage.

Granada , Spain , the travel industry in general , want to be able to deal with the halal market and this event is a great opportunity to discover the benefits of becoming a halal friendly destination.





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