Discovering Granada : Enjoy your first tastings

I love living in Granada, when I get up I am always in the mood to enjoy a good breakfast while I am thinking about new places to visit.

I really enjoy the fresh morning breeze so I usually wake up early . It has been said that   early mornings can make people feel more optimistic and ready to tackle challenging tasks.

Today I am writing a post to help you to  organise  your activities so you can have a satisfying experience.

It has been thought that the first thing you have to do is to buy the tickets for the Alhambra . I would like to give you some tips to avoid problems because many people do not know that you have to buy them online well in advance.

Tickets can be bought from two places: directly from the Alhambra or through the Caixa Bank (online using their “ticketmaster” web page)

Once you have bought the tickets you can  draw up an itinerary where you can include  other monuments that you want to visit.

I will leave you some recommendations :   Sigue leyendo